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Norstar Nutrients

Norstar Nutrients is a private label nutrient company with over a decade of formulating and nutrient line testing. The Company offers a unique blend of macro and micro nutrients formulated for optimal essential terpene and flavonoid production, immune system health, and industry leading production.

Norstar’s beneficials have been formulated under a multi strain growing system which thrives with heirloom varieties as well as modern day hybrids.

Norstar’s raw materials are sourced globally from the highest quality salt providers. Since the nutrients are sourced from raw salts, formulations are produced at a fraction of the cost of other farmers.

Norstar’s nutrients have passed all Canadian and US testing and are currently in the approval process with Health Canada.

Phenome One is a full-service cannabis farming company focused on elite strain selective breeding, spanning over 29 years of generational cannabis farming experience.

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